when i play any scal

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when i play any scale, C major for example, my left hand is always a bit slower and not in correct time when i cross my middle and ring finger, i always tend to slow down. my ascending is OK, but when i descend, my thumb always gets somehow "stuck", and when the thumb plays a note, it is always longer any short-term or long-term solution? thanks
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  • PeterX

    this used to happen to me. What happens is that you are probably used to playing chords in the left while playing melodies in the right. So you have dexteriority in the right, while you only have movement and precision of chords in the left. If this is the problem i would suggest playing chords in the right and playing melodies in the left. It will sound very awkward and strange but it will help develop your speed in the left hand making it easier to syncopate and match with the right hand. I`m glad i could be of help. if you have any questions or don`t understand, feel free to e-mail me. willja33@farmingdale.edu

    13th April, 2017

  • Emma1987

    hi, u can practise dat helps but u say dat a couple of your fingers r slow try playing with your whole hand going slow liike at the same time as your dud fingers. hope dat helps kelly#

    13th April, 2017

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