I appreaciat you tha

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I appreaciat you that you like the moonlight sonata but it`s just 5 monthes I`m playing piano but I play good....that`st what my teacher says.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • sgirl58

    i want moonlight sonata. send to robshady@optonline.net thx alot. I`d love it. O yea maple leaf rag os great too.

    14th April, 2017

  • Jessica

    That`s cool dear Areo....Thank you 4 ue answer:>

    14th April, 2017

  • musicforU

    hiya Fariba if thats ur name i play piano and love the moonlight sonata, i also like coldplay, and scott joplin stuff, i love Maple Leav Rag love Aero

    14th April, 2017

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