Hello all, Could yo

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Hello all, Could you please have a listen to this particular version of Pachelbel`s Canon in D and let me know where this piano score could be located at? The link to go is http://hometown.aol.com/kismetstalker/canon.mp3http://hometown.aol.com/kismetstalker/canon.mp3">http://hometown.aol.com/kismetstalker/canon.mp3> Many thanks, Tracy.
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  • ivanoeck

    no worries mate. I`m also looking for that particular version. i love that version too and I`m hoping someone here has it or know where I can get it!

    28th April, 2017

  • THEpianist

    exuse my real bad english(I`m from german. I can`t expres what i would to say. And I haven`t the right words. I mean the notes from that version you have make public yesterday.

    28th April, 2017

  • iveonlyjustbegun

    What do you mean nots of the sheet? if you mean other versions, i do have them but they`re all for piano.

    28th April, 2017

  • PeterX

    HI have you also the nots for that sheet? It would be great to play boh versions.

    28th April, 2017

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