Ok, I`m trying to te

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Ok, I`m trying to teach my self a song called Rhythm of the Immortal, and it involves a straight triplet pattern in the left hand and a straight sixteenth note pattern in the right hand. Speed is not my difficulty, nor are notes or much else, but the only thing i`m having trouble with is how to correctly place the rhythm of the two beats together. Often times i find my right hand finishes far before my left hand, then starts the next beat which is noticeably wrong. I would just like to know if somebody could perhaps give me a midi of some type which would allow me to hear how it`s done correctly, or perhaps give me a way to think of it in my head. I`d also like to mention that i`ve been playing piano for 11 or so years, i`m 16 now, and i quit lessons only a year ago so that i could have room for marching band, etc.
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  • AComposer

    How I play these rhythms are that I only think about the notes that are supposed to be played together, then I make sure that they`re together. Everything else just seems to fall together automatically. Your results may vary

    4th May, 2017

  • sgirl58

    It`s from the ninth.

    4th May, 2017

  • hailyjewel

    From which final fantasy? Urmm...I went to the site...and there`s final fantasy 1...5...10?

    4th May, 2017

  • Animalski

    Yes, Eighth Note Triplets played with standard Sixteenth notes in common time. So far what i`ve been doing is exactly what you said, first by playing them both seperately using a standard beat, and then try playing them together by tapping on a table, a la percussion style. I can play the song, i just want to play it a tad bit more solid. And the song is called Rhythm of Immortality (Reborn), which was (re)written by Michael Huang on piano, and originally composed by the great Nobuo Uematsu of Final Fantasy fame. So yes, it is a video game song. If you care for a copy you can goto http://www.fantasyreborn.com/main.htmlhttp://www.fantasyreborn.com/main.html">http://www.fantasyreborn.com/main.html>. I believe they also have the mp3 available.

    4th May, 2017

  • CarolBlackburn

    I don`t know the song yr talking about and I`m slightly confused about the exact rhythm u were trying to describe. U mean straight triplet as in 3 quavers? Or excatly what kind of value are yr triplets in? And semiquavers as in 4 semiquavers? So Lh 3 quaver triplets VS Rh 4 semiquavers? Was that what u meant? Well, anyway, no matter what the rhythm distribution or value was, all u need to do is to practice em seperately (in the first place) to a uniform pulse. Ie: U may wanna feel the stronger crotchet pulse/ play em to the crotchet or something like that. Then, just put em together, and all the time, following the crotchet pulse. It may sound absurd, but learning to feel the pulse, and feeling them evenly is the easiest method. U may try tapping the rhythm simultaneously with yr 2 hands...upper stave with RH, lower stave with LH and so on. It`ll be easier to play once yr hands gets the so-ordination through the clapping ex. OR, alternatively, u can take a pencil, draw straight lines and trace out where the notes will meet, or find their order. But I really don`t recommend this...unless as a last resort. Caz, the feel of the pulse is the most accurate and natural manner. Imagine trying to subdivide with yr pencil, a group of 17notes against 5 or etc. in the future. It`ll be impossible...u really have to sueeze them in evenly to the same pulse.

    4th May, 2017

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