Hey, does anyone ha

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Hey, does anyone have the sheet music to Let It Be???? Or do you perhaps know a place to get it free??? thanks a bunch!! Corinne
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  • Stephen

    Okay, I`ve never been here before, but these are simple. C G Am F C G F C. Your Welcome

    5th May, 2017

  • Grange Blues
    Grange Blues

    OK. That didn`t come out very well did it? Well, the notes that you play with your little and middle fingers should be played just before the note that you play with your thumb. Good luck - I think you`ll need it!!!!!

    5th May, 2017

  • Jackma

    OK. Just one problem. My e-mail isn`t working. Sorry. I`ll just have to write down the notes here. It`ll be difficult for you to work out but here goes...... Right hand(Top line - little finger, middle line - middle finger, bottom line - thumb, left hand underneath in bold) Verse G G D D E EDF F G G D D C B A G E E B B C CBA A E E B B A G F E C C G G A C C C C G G F E D C C D A GF C G F E D C Chorus E E D D C C E E E E D D C B A G C C B B A A C C C C B B A G F E A A G G F F A A A A G G F E D C C B A C C G F E D C There you go. I hope that comes out alright. And you`d better be grateful because that took me ages to do.

    5th May, 2017

  • Emma1987

    I`ll e-mail it to you. It`s what I worked out myself but it`s not exactly the same. You might want to change it slightly yourself.

    5th May, 2017

  • KatieKitty

    see, i don`t exactly know how it goes, i just heard it the other day, so, i don`t know, but does anyone have it??

    5th May, 2017

  • West

    LOL you`re joking... the notes are simple... so just imitate it. haha you were talking about Let It Be by the Beatles right?

    5th May, 2017

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