I ordered "Anthology

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I ordered "Anthology of Baroque Keyboard Music" (with DVD at sheetmusicplus) and it says "Late Intermediate to Early Advanced". Well, my Alfred All-in-One Basic Adult Piano Course goes up to Fur Elise and piano sonata no 14 (Moonlight Sonata). Can that be considered late intermediate? In other words, what books can fill the hole if there is one?
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  • yiyi

    ummm... are you sure... ive been trying to find those songs to take a look, but i havent been able too... even on bearshare... i cant listen to it... can you double chack... and the spellings. thanks is it harder then the book your in or easier... what songs are in the book your in? i thought moonlight sonata was one of them? this is confusing. reply back or email me at jen_a_n@hotmail.com jen nova

    12th May, 2017

  • Rudy1988

    OOPS! Sorry, I forgot to leave more information. No, at this time, I do not have a music teacher. I`m only in book 1, not at the end of book 3 (moonlight and fur elise). Anyway, here are some pieces in the book I ordered: Menuet in G Major (Jean Henri D`anlebert) fantasi in D Minor (Carl Philipp Emmanual Bach) Dialogue (Johan Christian Bach) Aria in G Major (George Frederic Handel) Invention no.1 in C major (Johan Sebastian Bach)

    12th May, 2017

  • iveonlyjustbegun

    OK, I`m not seeing all messages here. I`m only seeing 4 and it says there are 6. Anyway, WHICH PUBLICATION company are you talking about? I`m searched the Internet looking for a site that grades piano pieces etc. Can`t find it. I looked at the Alfred publication website. Please name the publisher so I can find it.

    12th May, 2017

  • Beatles

    hrmmm, id try to go to get a grade 6 piano book... or even a 7... but it will proubly be a challenge getting into because your about a 4 or 5. Do you have a piano teacher? perhaps get one so youll know if your using proper technique and playing the pieces properly.

    12th May, 2017

  • pkdunn

    erg... not really... late intermediate is like grade 7.... most of the pieces youve played are about grade 5. (intermediate i think starts at grade 5-7... i know it ends at 7)you can probly get it with practise. jen

    12th May, 2017

  • Grange Blues
    Grange Blues

    if you can play the beethoven pieces then you will probably be able to advance on to more difficult stuff (late intermediate) with a bit of practice. You can probably progress pretty quickly from there!

    12th May, 2017

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