Hey, I hope some of

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Hey, I hope some of you guys can help me or direct me. I`m looking for a piano piece that has a `rainy day` tone, or a more depressed or sad tone to it. Usually minor chords, lol. But a piece where you can just sit alone in a room and play the piano in a down, lonely atmostphere. If you have it in file, I hope you can send it to me. If you know a great site, I hope you can give me a link. All the best, and thank you in advance ~hailo
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  • Michael

    turkish march is grade 10... it probly wouldnt be to easy for someone in a lower level... lol

    16th May, 2017

  • ivanoeck

    Thank you for the suggestions . I`ve been playing for a few months now, but i`m good enought to play Mozarts `Marcia alla turca`, or turkish march....to you guys, its easy, lol

    16th May, 2017

  • THEpianist

    prelude op. 45 by chopin

    16th May, 2017

  • Donalds

    I`m not sure for how long you`ve been playing, but one of my favourite "depressing" pieces is Beethoven`s Moonlight Sonata (first movement). A few more that I really like are Milonga del angel by Piazzolla, Pink by Starer, The Gentle Waltz by Peterson (all found in the Grade 8 Royal Conservatory of Music repertoire book), and Prelude in E Minor by Chopin, and Waltz in G sharp Minor (both found in the Grade 7 RCM repertoire book). Those are just a few of my favourites from the past year, although like I said, I don`t know how much experience you have.

    16th May, 2017

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