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hi! does anyone here have a music sheet of Alicia Keys` `If I aint got you`? can you please send it to me? my email ad is purplekat_11@yahoo.com. thanks a lot!!!!!
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  • Tony Jackson
    Tony Jackson

    would someone please, please, please send me a copy of If I Ain`t Got You, as I want to sing it at my wedding!!!!!!!!! Need sheet music for band, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    19th May, 2017

  • sgirl58

    If anyone know where I can find the sheet music online to Alicia Keys "It I aint got You ", can please email me at princessjade08@yahoo.com! -Thanks

    19th May, 2017

  • Williams

    i also am a fan of the song If I aint got you. If you recieve a music sheet, it would very kind of you to send me a copy. Your effort is appreciated........

    19th May, 2017

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