Ok I am a returing P

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Ok I am a returing Piano player (took 5 years or so off). I completed a few Chopin songs recently and now I am determined to learn the Hungarian Rhapsody. Yes I know it very difficult but I have the will. Now, forgive my ignorance in "music terms" as I can read music enough to play it (as long as I heard it previously) . here is where I need help: the 24th mesure... I am not sure as to what you call it but I call it a finger roll (dont flam me for this lol) I have the fingering down and can go thorugh the roll moderately fast with good rythm. Is there any good advice that can be givin` to help me acheive speed with good rythm in doing this roll. It seems the faster I go them more its out of rythm and no smooth. So far I what I do is repeat it slow over and over again. thanks for any input. Any other advice for this piece would be greatly appreciated.
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  • myredroom

    I have played this before so i know what your going through the key is to watch your fingering, i do belive you are talking about the repeated C sharps, the trick is to use fingers 3 2 and 1 to play the "roll" and RELAX RELAX RELAX don`t try to go to fast and it will all come and it will be extremely smoothe and people will be wowed. :P

    21st May, 2017

  • MrBillSTL

    yeah I`m just starting to learn that one too. I`m also about at the same spot as you. What I do is (and its going to take me a while of course) is practice that part very slowly at first practice at a set spee for however long it takes to get that speed to where you don`t even have to work for it then go faster and do the same thing. make sure that when you finally get it up to speed your not trying too hard. Try even to (and it may be impossible) to get it a little faster than necessary that way its easier at normal speed. Yeah use thumb over too

    21st May, 2017

  • BOBsmile

    I have the Bartletts edition. Thanks for all the input. I also read about Thumb Over as oppsed to Thumb under. What would anyones thoughts be on that.

    21st May, 2017

  • sgirl58

    relax your hands. That`s all there is to it, but its a good deal harder than it sounds. Just try to feel your hands and wrists go to jelly (or wet spagetti, whichever your prefer). and do it really slow. (which you`ll have to do at first anyway to acheive maximum relaxation). Once you get it really s-l-o-w add the right hand (again, way slower than you have to play it) and gradually increase the speed. If ever you feel yourself getting uneven slow down a little and resume. Good Luck!

    21st May, 2017

  • sanzim

    I dunno what you call it either, but I`d call it a 35-tuplet. This is what I would do. Others might be different. First, get the left hand so that you don`t even have to think about it, and that the notes are played at the right time according to the right hand (It doesn`t have to be exact). After you`ve done that, you can concentrate on your right hand. Since you can play left hand in your sleep, it will automatically speed up or slow down or whatever your right hand does. In the right hand, you put smoothness above all else. You don`t even have to follow the fingering. (By the way, what edition do you have?) The whole 35-tuplet isn`t really too fast. If it is, then slow down your overall tempo. If you want, you can start rit. after the top E and a tempo in the next measure. Umm...That`s all I can think of.

    21st May, 2017

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