Hi. Does anyone hav

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Hi. Does anyone have the sheet music for Gavin Degraw`s song Chariot? If you do, could you send it to me please. Thanks
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  • BOBsmile

    I would like the sheet music to Belief and More than Anyone if anyone knows where i can get them, or if someone could figure them out that would be awesome too, Belief is relatively simple and im attempting to figure it out myself however not haveing the greatest luck

    23rd May, 2017

  • KatieKitty

    yeah, id love any gavin music that anyone has im specifically looking for "Meaning" to the guy who said he `lifts` music, this song sounds pretty easy to lift, but i cannot do it myself, id greatly appreciate it if you coudl find the time to do it and email it to me, email me plz

    23rd May, 2017

  • Beethovenian

    Could I get Chariot too!! Gavin rules... if some one could e-mail/foward it to me id be very greatful

    23rd May, 2017

  • sanzim

    hello! if anyone found this music, please please please email it to me! ive looked all over for it and cant find it anywhere, the only thing to be found is "follow through." but if anyone has chariot, or any of his songs, please email them to me!

    23rd May, 2017

  • Jackma

    I`ll lift Chariot if you "follow through" and email me. Not to sound corny, but I won`t take the effort to lift a song, if the person that wants it already got it. Secondly, by the new Evanescence song, do you mean My Immortal, or the new one Amy has been playing in concert, called Breathe No More. I`ve already lifted the latter, and sheet music is readily available on the former. Just drop me an email. Cheers.

    23rd May, 2017

  • musicforU

    Hi, I was just wondering if you ever found that music. I am also looking for the piano part to the new Evanesence song if anyone has it. Thanks so much! Beth

    23rd May, 2017

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