If anyone has a copy

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If anyone has a copy of this song could you please e-mail it to me? I dont ahve much to share, but if I have it and you want it, it`s yours. Thanks
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  • sanzim

    Yes can u please scan it and somehow send it through e mail...that would be great!

    26th May, 2017

  • ALgreg1

    i have piano with lyrics as i sang it for choir last year... but i hvae to scan it tho... interested?

    26th May, 2017


    I have the Prayer, but its on sheet music thats not on the computer... i suggest that if you are a pianist who plays by ear do it that way.. dont waste ur money coz the chords are basic. on the other hand if ur lookin for the words... Buy it lol that so didnt help ay

    26th May, 2017

  • Donalds

    hey..... can you email it to me too jen_a_n@hotmail.com or go to the forums at www.jennovia.cjb.net and post it... (my site) (it would ne for the piano section because someone was asking for it)

    26th May, 2017

  • MichelleCheung

    HI, am also looking for the music notes for The Prayer. Can someone help me pleasee? thanks..

    26th May, 2017

  • Williams

    hey, i`d really appreciate it if you send me the lyrics of the song The Prayer, by celine and andrea bocelli. i really like it. thanks...

    26th May, 2017

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