im learning how to p

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im learning how to play the chopin waltz op. posthumous no. 17 in a minor and need some help. i can pretty much play the piece except for this one part close to the middle. the speed is 120 beats per minute and there is a triplet followed by a quintuplet?(is that what its called) and i just cant seem to get it fast enough. does anyone have any tips? border=0>') src=/images/mel_play.gif>


ahhh nvm just dont look at the notes i was trying to write it but thats not what the beats are.
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  • sanzim

    ill try that... thanks for the advice

    26th May, 2017

  • iveonlyjustbegun

    Umm a couple of techniques i use to build up speed on these kind of things is rythme changes instead of playing it straight and fast play it slower and swing the rythme first- short long short long and then- long short long short Slowely increase the tempo and then return to playing it straight and it should be easier i hope...

    26th May, 2017

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