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Am I suppose to lift my fingers up high when I am praticing? How high should they go, cause one of my old teachers told me to lift them each individually high and I thought it was wierd so I quit lessons when him. So when I am practicing any piece of music, what methods should I use to ensure that the outcome will be smooth, and containing good dynamics? Thx.
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  • BOBsmile

    when slow (of course), the highest posible WITHOUT HURTING your fingers.

    28th May, 2017

  • Fred Fisher
    Fred Fisher

    Ok thanks for all the replys.. But I'm still concerned on how high my fingers should be lifted/raised when playing the exercises. Just a few centimeters? or an inch? Thanks everyone.

    28th May, 2017

  • ALgreg1

    Of course, you have to practice hanon, the first 20 exercises, but 1 at a time. lets say, for one week each, then the second and so, when you get to the 20th, practice the whole twenty for a while before continuing. well, that really worked on me when i was 18. (now im 30 and i play really fast).

    28th May, 2017

  • West

    when use hanon, practice the first 20 exercise, very slowly and in fact raising your fingers as your old teacher said. gradually, when you play a little faster, obvioulsy you will not have to raise your fingers that much.


    read instead of raising= lifting raise= lift

    28th May, 2017

  • THEpianist

    Czerny and Hanon are great technique books. They teach you correct fingering and playing with their skill-building exercises. By learning from them, skill comes easily and noticeably. Highly recommended if you are willing to practice these everyday.

    28th May, 2017

  • Beethovenian

    hey it's not really about lifting your fingers u just have to keep ur wrist higher that the rest of ur hand to ensure that u got control over ur fingers ans so u can movefaster and play scales more easily.jst dnt try to play by moving arms or shoulders, it's ur fingers that do this.f u practice pieces try doin each hand seperately, that helps hope u find this helpful, greetz

    28th May, 2017

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