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I play melancholy (chopin) or bizzare (rachs etudes) music and my family is gettin seriously fed up with it, any recomendations?? (p.s i dislike schubert, mozart, bach, liszt - pretty much anything classical - bar chopin and rach)
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    I don't know your level of piano, but I would suggest playing: Gyorgy Legeti's Etudes for Piano (books I & 2). The first piece in book one is called "Disorder." It is one that I am currently learning and it is probably the most difficult piece ever written. I will let you in on a secret about "Disorder," the right hand of this piece is written in the key of no sharps or flats (or C) and the left hand is written in the key of five sharps (or the key of F#). That's what makes it so difficult. ~Ashton

    29th May, 2017

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