Hi all!.. I'm a 15 y

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Hi all!.. I'm a 15 year old guy from Sweden and I can't say I'm new on piano.. Okay I've played for 3
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  • Emma1987

    An "F" double-sharp would be a "G" natural.


    I think I've found it, and the "F" double-sharp would be a "G" natural, then later in the measure, it goes back "F" sharp again.

    30th May, 2017

  • Thomas2017

    Aha...! :S But hey.. In Rachmaninoff's Pr

    30th May, 2017

  • THEpianist

    You are probably talking about a double-sharp. Say that the key siganature has four sharps, this means that any one of those sharps (or any other note with the "x") can be moved up two semi-tones with that "x" in front. So an "f" double-sharp would become "g" natural, "c" double-sharp would become "d" natural, and so on.

    30th May, 2017

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