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We all know that doing your scales is vital. Now I'm unlucky enough not to be able to afford a teacher, so I have a book, a very good book, but it does not give the fingering over two octaves , it does for one. I did an internet seach and the only ones I found the where conflicting. Does anybody know the diffinative fingering or a link to a site that contains it. Thanks.
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  • LarryBLACK

    what scale, hmm well i notice the more advanced scales change fingering but from c to a it seems the same that said if you don't mind popping a few down for me, greatly appreitiated

    1st June, 2017

  • CarolBlackburn

    "" Why not ask around in the forum?""" erm that's what i'm doing, but any way found it now thanks every one For anybody else LH54321, 321, 4321,321 RH 123,1234,123,12345.

    1st June, 2017

  • BOBsmile

    what scale is it? fingerings change from scale to scale, so just tell me what scale/s you want, and i'll get back to you.

    1st June, 2017

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