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I have a question about Chopin's Nocturne Opus Posthumous in C# minor. In the 7th to last measure of the piece, w/ the 35 note scale, why is it given the markings for sixteenth notes while its actually closer to a 64th note being that its done in two beats? Is it supposed to be played closer to the speed of a sixteenth note or not? I realize this occurs in the measure before this too. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks .
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    Thanks YokeWong, I get what your saying. Currently I'm playing somewhere in between sixteenth and 1/64 and does in fact have a nice different sound between faster recorded editions.

    4th June, 2017

  • Fred Fisher
    Fred Fisher

    The fact that Chopic's music can be played with a certain degree of rubato causes his music to be interpreted differently with different pianists. You can make it 1/64 or sixteenth according to your musical interpretation. In fact, my interpretation of the same piece varies depending on when I play and how I play it. Sheet music is only a guide. It is up to pianist to make the music alive. Yoke Wong Discover The Amazing Secrets Of Piano Improvisation http://www.playpianotips.com

    4th June, 2017