I have problem!!! I

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I have problem!!! I've been trying to play Chopin Etude "Revolutionary", for nearly 4 months but I still can't play it well! There must be about 10-20 notes that I missed! Come on .. how can I play it perfectly?
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    Your old teacher would probably shoot me for saying this but... For me, what works is playing one handed as fast as I possibly can until I make mistakes then I slow down to the fastest speed that is mistake free. I find the most dificult sections and repeat them one handed non-stop until I can play them without mistakes and fast. Then I do the same thing with both hands. I play the piece as fast as I can without mistakes. Even if this means that I have to stop and look at my finger hit the key before I press it. Then I build the speed up until I am again playing it way to fast. When I drill like this for a while I will eventually get the piece memorized. It hurts my reading skills which are already poor at best.

    4th June, 2017

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