My husbands great au

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My husbands great aunt just got placed a care center and they have a piano there so I am on a mission to find the piano music for her fav song, the waltz of angels. Any ideas?!
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  • davidareid

    Hi,This is Alex i promised you that i will let you know if i know anything about piano...I hope the below link is very useful for you.

    11th June, 2017

  • THEpianist

    Hi, My wife and her sister are great music lovers and they wan to learn play the piano.Even i like the piano very much if any one plays the soft music on piano just i will become the great fan of them.I am wishing to help you out but i don't have any Idea!if i know any thing then i will let you know ok.

    11th June, 2017

  • Johnson

    that looks like it, thanks, I was hoping to find both hands to play

    11th June, 2017

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