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Hi everyone, I'm looking for some recommended pieces for grade 7 piano, of a baroque, classical and/or romantic period genre. For my exam next year (Aust. Music Examination Board), I've got Liszt (Allegro Grazioso), Beethoven (Rondo) and Chopin (Valse Brilliante) so far. I'd like to extend my repertoire for leisure, ear training and expose myself more seriously these next couple of years to the classical genres! What do you guys recommend? I like a range of dynamics and pieces that can improve my technique and skills. Thanks, Anne.
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    I don't know what grades they are, but they are advanced. I am guessing that grade 7 is very advanced: Stravinsky - Three Scenes From Petrushka Debussy - L'Isle Joyeux I hack out both, and although I'll never play these perfectly (or even well) they have taught me an enormous amount about technique and theory. Actually I only hack out the 2nd movement of the Stravinsky - "Chez Petrushka" (Petrushka's Room). BTW - I also have the music for the first promenade of the Mussorgsky - that whole suite is a challenge harmonically and rythmically, and well worth the effort! If I had the music I'm sure I'd abuse several of the pieces, especially "Bydlo" (Polish for "Ox Cart" I believe) and "Baba Yaga's Hut" (second to last movement).

    12th June, 2017

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    Hi Dr. J, thanks for the recommendation, I'll look it up now =) Anne

    12th June, 2017

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