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Hello everyone.. so this is my first post in this forum I started playing the key board after about 5 years.. I downloaded some notes and i was trying to play em.. I still remember a bit of theory But in a song like this "http://www.forpiano.com/FILEX/A/9d0v8s8v0a/bryan_adams--all_for_love.pdf", why are there 2 treble clef scales? -__- i'm really confused.. Thank you
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    The first one is for singers and the second one is for piano. You could also use the first one for another treble instrument to play lead on for an instrumental piece. Sometimes if I am playing piano and I have this kind of music, I will jump back and forth using the one that represents the melody the best, but embellishing a bit to still get the full piano sound that I like.

    13th June, 2017

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