hi there........ I

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hi there........ I would like to know who is your inspiration cum all time favorite piano player.Waiting for your posts. Ruhi Sheikh, Financial Reviewer, http://economynews.in/
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  • Paul piano
    Paul piano

    Another vote for Bill Evans.

    13th June, 2017

  • Grange Blues
    Grange Blues

    Hi I would have to say Chopin. I think his music is beautiful! Rosy

    13th June, 2017

  • yiyi

    Bill Evans is the best jazz pianist of all time!

    13th June, 2017

  • Emma1987

    maksim mrvica

    13th June, 2017

  • MichelleCheung

    George Winston, Scott Joplin, and Beethoven. (Gotta love Moonlight Sonata.)

    13th June, 2017

  • davidareid

    I really like Rachmaninoff's music, my favorite one from him is the Piano Concerto no2. One that I like that is still living is Yiruma and my favorite one he plays is River flows in You. Not sure if this counts but I love to watch Josh Groban play piano but he's more of a singer!

    13th June, 2017

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