I am a forty six yea

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I am a forty six year old pianist who has never had a hand problem in my life....until now. The inside, where the joint makes contact with the keys, top joint of both my thumbs permanently hurts. I am trying to adjust to using the thumb further up, but the pain continues. Has anybody experienced a similar injury?
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  • Sailor

    Andrew, Sorry to hear of your injury - It's something almost every musician goes through from time to time. You can check with some of the professionals on www.ziplesson.com, particularly Michael Sheppard, I'm sure he can help you with a live, online Skype lesson. You can sign up for free, and reserve a lesson immediately. Best of luck, Jon

    16th June, 2017

  • Thomas2017

    Thanks so much for your kind and very thoughtful advice. I am afraid slamming the joint into the key is very much the problem and, whilst I have adjusted my thumb, and hand, position to avoid this you are quite right: the damage is there. Will definately try the Ibuprofen. Thanks Again Andrew

    16th June, 2017

  • LarryBLACK

    Some ideas: If you are practicing more than normal a jump in piano time can cause the pain. Always increase practice time slowly. Check how you are using the thumb. Are you pounding the key down or are you engagint he key. Many people push down until the key stops. You should get a feeling of how much pressure it takes to engange your key so you're not slamming them down until the key stops.Middle keys are weighted a little heavier than the keys towards the outside of the keyboard. Hand position. IS your hand posture correct? Are you using the side of your thumb or do you have a nice swoop/curve to your hand allowing you to use your more of the pad towards the tip? Once the joint is injured any playing will aggrevate the injury. If you have no allergies I suggest 250mg of ibuprofen each day for ten days. You not only want to get the inflamation down but you want to keep it away. A warm pad either heating pad or hot/warm washcloth a couple times a day to blood flow into the area to help it heal quicker.

    16th June, 2017

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