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Googling for "piano injury" or similar phrases reveal over 20 000 000 hits. There are a multitude of websites and forum posts in different forums about different injuries pianists suffer from practising with a faulty technique. But it is all spread out and there isn't really any way to assess the quality and helpfulness of all these different websites. Therefore I am thinking to set up my own message board for injuried pianists, where people can come and ask for help about their injuries (what do I do now, where do I turn?), talk about injuries, and different methods to avoid them and rehabilitate them. I would also include section where people can review different piano techniques and methods that might have a positive effect on your playing and help heal and prevent injuries. This is so that there can be one community where as much information about the problem of getting injuries and analysis of existing resources as possible can be gathered. What do you think of this idea? I am also relatively inexperienced in sharing content on the internet (outside YouTube) so ideas on how to get a community such as this going are appreciated. Feedback and suggestions on what should be included on such a message board are also welcome!
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