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I plan on doing one or two piano concerto movements with my piano teacher, so do you guys have any recommendations or suggestions? If you do, it will be appreciated! I prefer piano concertos movements that are exciting, a little long, and not too short, so around 4:00 to 11:00 time would be nice. But I've listened to some of them and I don't know where to start: Liszt Piano Concerto No.1 (any mvt.) Chopin Piano Concerto No.2 (2nd mvt.) Prokofiev Piano Concerto No.3 (3rd mvt.) Yellow River Piano Concerto (any mvt.) Mozart Piano Concerto No.19 (1st mvt.) Mozart Piano Concerto No.21 (2nd mvt.) Mozart Piano Concerto No.23 (3rd mvt.) These are some that I've heard. Any other suggestions would be appreciated, thank you!
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  • Brooklyn

    hey! i'm 12 and i got 3rd place in a piano competition by playing the Mozart Piano Concerto No.21 (2nd mvt.) I really love it and it's just my thing. if you like a beautiful singing tone this one's for you! it's one of my FAVORITE pieces and i hope you will enjoy it as much as i do. happy playing!

    18th June, 2017

  • Donalds

    1. Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto 3 My mood currently would pick his 1st piano concerto, but it is not sensible to say that Rachmaninoff''s concerto that he composed at 19 years old is the best ever, the third concerto has everything in it, beautiful melodies, virtuoso musicianship. And huge devilish chords. All four piano concertos should be listened to by everyone. None are lacking. 2. Liszt Totentanz Many people might be surprised to see Liszt on my list. At first glance I am too. His real piano concertos are pretty mediocre. Although Totentanz isn't a full-fledged piano concerto, it is just as worthy as if anyone who would put Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on their list. 3. Macdowell Piano Concerto 2 Many people might be up in arms about putting Macdowell in my top 4. On another day he might not make it. This concerto is really quite brilliant. I don't know why more people (especially romantic era lovers) don't listen to Macdowell a lot. I for one am a fan of his sonatas. 4. Khachaturian Piano Concerto Some call it overly-bombastic. I call it a jaw dropping experience. I absolutely love this concerto. It is original, it is Khachaturian. And you have to listen to it 5 times before you can really start enjoying it. But it is well worth the investment.

    18th June, 2017

  • Madida

    Let us know what you chose in the end?I am curious?

    18th June, 2017

  • Cally

    For me, every time it has to be the Beethoven piano concertos. Particularly the number 3 - I know everyone has many reasons for being emotionally attached to a piece of music - but this is also great great music. It's about the length you would like. It is flowing, majestic and full of strong musical statements. I wish I could even try to place this - I admire your skills.

    18th June, 2017

  • Williams

    The 1st movement of Ravel's piano concerto in G is a surefire crowd-pleaser. Sprightly, showy, and scintillating at time, you can never go wrong with this one. All the best, Daniel Bucsko, Vacaville, CA http://danielbucsko.org/

    18th June, 2017

  • MichelleCheung

    Probably the best, and most well known piano concerto is Grieg's Piano Concerto in A minor (first movement). Gorgeous, and if you like power pieces...this is the one for you.

    18th June, 2017

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