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Hi, fellow musicians and enthusiasts, I just wanted to know how my programme for DipABRSM is (everything is taken from the given repertoire list): 1.Mendelssohn Prelude & Fugue in F minor op.35 no.5 [total ~7 min] <<or, maybe>> Scarlatti 2 Sonatas in A, Kp.208 (L.238) and Kp.209 (L.428) {to be performed as pairs} [around 7.5 to 8 min with repeats] <<which one do you think is better?, Scarlatti sounds bright and pleasing, but isn't as technically/musically difficult/complex as Mendelssohn>> 2.Mozart Sonata in D K.311 [15-17min] 3.Brahms Rhapsody op.79 no.2 [6:30min] <<or any other Romantic pieces of this level you'd recommend, I'd prefer Chopin>> 4.Rachmaninoff Prelude op.23 no.7 in C minor [2:20min] <<or maybe>> Faure Impromptu F minor op.31 no.2 [3:30min] What do you people think? Does this programme "offer a wide-ranging yet coherent mixture of periods, style, mood and tempo" ?-- quoted ABRSM -- Additionally, if any of you have taken this diploma before please consider telling me about your experience/preparation. Thanks a lot for your opinions and advice.
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