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Piano sheet music:God Help The Outcasts The Hunchback of Notre Dame Theme

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God Help The Outcasts The Hunchback of Notre Dame Theme-Alan MenkenPiano sheet music

God Help The Outcasts God Help the Outcasts is a song written by composer Alan Menken and lyricist Stephen Schwartz for Walt Disney Pictures' 34th animated feature film, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996). A somber Broadway musical-inspired pop power ballad, "God Help the Outcasts" was recorded by American singer Heidi Mollenhauer as the singing voice of Esmeralda on American actress Demi Moore's behalf, while Moore provided the character's speaking voice. A prayer, "God Help the Outcasts" is a spiritualhymn in which Esmeralda, upon claiming the Notre-Dame Cathedral as sanctuary, asks God to protect her people, the gypsies, and shield them from discrimination, racism and persecution at the hands Judge Claude Frollo. A quiet song about faith, "God Help the Outcasts" additionally establishes the sensual Esmeralda as a selfless, empathetic character, and a Christian, with whom Quasimodo ultimately falls in love. After songwriters Menken and Schwartz wrote "God Help the Outcasts," directors Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale and Disney CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg debated whether or not the sequence called for a bigger, more powerful song. Subsequently, Menken and Schwartz wrote the more inspirational "Someday" at Katzenberg's insistence. Ultimately, however, the filmmakers decided that "God Help the Outcasts," a religious ballad, better suited the scene, set in a cathedral. American singer Bette Midler recorded a pop version of "God Help the Outcasts" for the film's soundtrack. "God Help the Outcasts" has garnered generally positive reviews from both film and music critics, who praised the song's lyrics and music, as well as Mollenhauer's performance. Others, however, felt that the song was too sentimental and overwrought, specifically Midler's rendition. In The Lyrics of God Help The Outcasts: I don't know if You can hear me Or if You're even there I don't know if You would listen To a gypsy's prayer Yes, I know I'm just an outcast I shouldn't speak to You Still I see Your face and wonder Were You once an outcast too? God help the outcasts Hungry from birth Show them the mercy They don't find on earth The lost and forgotten They look to You still God help the outcasts Or nobody will I ask for wealth, I ask for fame I ask for glory to rise on my name I ask for all I can possess I ask for God and the angels to bless me I ask for nothing I can get by But I know so many Less lucky than I God help the outcasts The poor and downtrod I thought we all were The children of God I don't know if there's a reason Why some are blessed, some not Why the few You seem to favor They fear us, flee us, try not to see us God help the outcasts The tattered, the torn Seeking an answer To why they were born Winds of misfortune Have blown them about You made the outcasts Don't cast them out The poor and unlucky The weak and the odd I thought they all were The children of God

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