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Piano sheet music:Heart and Soul iPad Mini AD BGM

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Heart and Soul iPad Mini AD BGM-Hoagy CarmichaelPiano sheet music

Heart and Soul Heart and Soul is used as the background music for the iPad Mini AD. And Heart and Soul is a popular song, with music by Hoagy Carmichael and lyrics by Frank Loesser, published in 1938. The original 1938 version was performed by Larry Clinton & his Orchestra featuring Bea Wain. In 1939, three versions charted: Larry Clinton (reaching #1 on the chart), Eddy Duchin (reaching #12), and Al Donahue (reaching #16). The song later charted as #11 in 1952 by The Four Aces, and as #57 in 1956 by Johnny Maddox. Two different cover versions charted in 1961, with The Cleftones reaching #18 and Jan and Dean reaching #25. Many covers have been recorded. Meanwhile, we also offer different version of Heart and Soul sheet music for you to download

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