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Piano sheet music:Minute Waltz Op 64 1 Dog Waltz

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Minute Waltz Op 64 1 Dog Waltz-ChopinPiano sheet music

The Minute Waltz is the most famous of Chopin's waltzes and ranks among the best-loved pieces in the entire classical repertoire. Its sprightly mood and kinetic energy belie the composer's personal situation at the time of composition: his health was in serious decline and his relationship with novelist Aurore Dupin Dudevant, who wrote under the pseudonym of George Sand, was falling apart. The work is also known as the "Dog Waltz" because for some it suggests the image of a dog chasing its tail. (Legend has it that the waltz was inspired by Chopin's own pet.) "Dog Waltz" is well known by people and if you like it, you can also download free Dog Waltz sheet music to play with Everyone Piano. Just Enjoy It!

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